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koma_chan, here! Must share. Cause it's wrong. ^^ I play Winnie on a MUX (Multi-User Experience)... a game, if you would. Anyway, some folks there play characters from Lord of the Rings, and as it is, Winnie and Samwise (possibly because no one's playing Rose Cotton) are sweet on each other.

So, I was paging Boromir's staff alt, Barf Bag (dunask) about surprising Sam with a date.

Barf Bag pages: Spring is coming! *.*h
You paged Barf Bag with 'Yes! ^_^ I think Wyn will surprise Sam with a picnic lunch. ;)'.
From afar, Barf Bag coos!
Long distance to Barf Bag: Wynevere wonders if that's a big deal for Hobbits. Hmmm. ^^
From afar, Barf Bag coos. COOS. >_> "Heart-shaped cookies. Boromir slipped the cooks a cutter." eoe
You paged Barf Bag with 'Sweet. n.n'.
You paged Barf Bag with 'Or even better. Heart-shaped sammiches!'.
From afar, Barf Bag, heartless wench. Just don't ask Bobo wot he's doing with heart-shaped cutters. o.o
Long distance to Barf Bag: Wynevere's mind promptly falls into the gutter. Sam-miches. @.@;
From afar, Barf Bag CACKLES. With mayonnaise. *lick* X3~
Long distance to Barf Bag: Wynevere DIES!
From afar, Barf Bag ...drags her own mind out from the gutter. La, la. LA. O.O

Thus, Sammiches will no longer have the same meaning for me. c.c; I'll try not to snicker when I eat them IRL. ^_^ v
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...Reading this, just after seeing Winnie ask Sam "shall we have a bit of lunch, then?"

Where's Pippin? >.> <.
*falls over* @.@

((.........Get your mind out of the gutter! There's not enough room for us all in there! ;_;))

...Do I have to remind you that they aren't eating sandwiches? Fried chicken!
*glances up from munching on carrot*
You called? 6.6
*latches onto* Aye!

*pauses, and realises what you're munching...*

*falls face-first back into the gutter*
An' /loooook/! You dragged us /in/ with you!

Sam doesn't even hesitate, he digs right in, and by the look he offers -- he /does/ like it. He can't help but laugh as Winnie plays the clown when he tweaks her nose, almost choking on his food, but not quite. Sam is usually the serious one, the responsible one - he loves Meriadoc and Peregrin, but responsibility is pretty far down on their priorities list. Fun, fun, fun, food, and fun ahead if it. Frodo is a bit dour, however, so Sammy often has to lighten the mood around it could be said that Sam is a man of many hats...of course, most of them are floppy! "Miss Winnie...we're all of us blessed from havin' met one another, I can say with no doubt that all of us wee folk hold you in the highest regard." He flusters a bit, eyes downcast. "N'me a wee bit more than most, seein' as how I'm crazy for you as sure as Peregrin Took likes his carrots!" That said, he finally looks up after a quiet moment eating, listening about the wine. "I meant...from your homeworld, you called it Torrid, right?"
Samwise snickers. :)
Peregrin says, "Well, more Food, fun, food, funfood, in my case. ~.~ n.n"
Samwise amends his list. ^_^V
Peregrin grins.
Peregrin also reads the carrot line way wrong. x_X
Meriadoc keels over giggling. >D
Wynevere holds up a finger. o.o h Then lowers it. o.o y Er.. ne'ermind.
Peregrin 6_____6
Meriadoc ..... /c.c;/.
Peregrin would hide behind Merry but at this point... >_>;
Meriadoc whines!
Peregrin hugs Mer, pats his head. 6.6v

Oh, right. I was there to begin with!

Poor shortypenguin! ;.; Having to see such heinous comments posted to her community!