Jess (jess115) wrote in halfling_heroes,

Self-Introduction and Bearing Sad News

Hi, all! My name is Jessica. I'm new to drifting 'round communities here, but I'm growing to love it a lot. Besides LoTR, I'm also a huge fan of HP, the X-Files, Gilmore Girls, Smallville, and Everwood.

As for the sad news. I don't know how many of you knew that Billy Boyd's parents died when he and his sister were young and from the time he was 14 he was raised by his grandmother (who turned 100 in 2001). But, sadly, on January 9 of this year, his grandmother passed away. I feel so bad for him. I guess the only consolation when all of us adoring fans can't reach out and hug him ourselves is that we know that not only will his sister do it for us, but Dominic and the others will, too.
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