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koma_chan, here! Must share. Cause it's wrong. ^^ I play Winnie on a MUX (Multi-User Experience)... a game, if you would. Anyway, some folks there play characters from Lord of the Rings, and as it is, Winnie and Samwise (possibly because no one's playing Rose Cotton) are sweet on each other.

So, I was paging Boromir's staff alt, Barf Bag (dunask) about surprising Sam with a date.

Barf Bag pages: Spring is coming! *.*h
You paged Barf Bag with 'Yes! ^_^ I think Wyn will surprise Sam with a picnic lunch. ;)'.
From afar, Barf Bag coos!
Long distance to Barf Bag: Wynevere wonders if that's a big deal for Hobbits. Hmmm. ^^
From afar, Barf Bag coos. COOS. >_> "Heart-shaped cookies. Boromir slipped the cooks a cutter." eoe
You paged Barf Bag with 'Sweet. n.n'.
You paged Barf Bag with 'Or even better. Heart-shaped sammiches!'.
From afar, Barf Bag, heartless wench. Just don't ask Bobo wot he's doing with heart-shaped cutters. o.o
Long distance to Barf Bag: Wynevere's mind promptly falls into the gutter. Sam-miches. @.@;
From afar, Barf Bag CACKLES. With mayonnaise. *lick* X3~
Long distance to Barf Bag: Wynevere DIES!
From afar, Barf Bag ...drags her own mind out from the gutter. La, la. LA. O.O

Thus, Sammiches will no longer have the same meaning for me. c.c; I'll try not to snicker when I eat them IRL. ^_^ v
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